Doors open up at 6:45 PM.  Complete the registration form below and receive the location to the event of your choice.  All guests must be registered separately.  No walk ins.


Monday 7:00PM - 8:30PM

EPIC Real Estate Orientation - for guests along with Velocity Banking









Wednesday 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Come and get your questions answered and get enrolled! Also, we have our Essential and AIT breakout groups, for Students, actively going through there Education.

The first Monday of every month is Cash Flow Game Night. 

Join us for a FUN learning experience that can impact your life. 


Right here in Sacramento

A great place to network and meet new people learning and working in the wonderful world of real estate investing.

What happens in our community...

Free Weekly Briefings

On-line Classes/Education

Cash Recovery Parties

Real Deal Tours

Local Successful Mentors

RE Investor Software

Saturday Intensive Training Classes

Weekly Group Break Out Sessions

Financial Literacy Planning Sessions

Learn with us.  Let's build individual wealth together

Why work and study alone?  

Join our local Sacramento team of like minded

real estate students and professionals.  

We meet once a week in Sacramento.

You must be invited by a current member to attend.

We learn together!  We do deals together!  

We invest in each other and with one another.

Within our community is your team of real estate investors,

students, agents, brokers, attorneys, contractors, private lenders,

hard money lenders, mentors and much more.

Whether you are a doctor, a stay at home mom, a seasoned real estate investor or just searching for the best place to learn the business, our community is for you.

Visit us at least once a month or every

week.  There is always great information

and wonderful people at our meetings.

Real estate investing is a team sport and we have a real estate investing education program for everyone. When you have an educated and structured team to work within your local area, then you can accomplish so much more as a team.  Our local events across the country give you the opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs looking to maximize their earning potential.  

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems and support needed to become financially free. 

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems and support needed to become financially free.  


Real estate has proven to be a powerful vehicle for wealth creation when the proper investment strategies are applied, but it can be a challenging business requiring expertise, planning and focus. As a real estate investor, you need to know your markets, maintain high ethical standards, develop a focus, stay educated, understand risk, build a network and a team of professionals so they can find help when they need it.


Join and work with our Real Estate Investing Community anywhere across the nation. Whatever your current occupation is, come network with like minded individuals ready to learn and do the next real estate deal!


As a group we work with the top real estate investing experts who train our national real estate investing community on a wide variety of real estate topics. With our successful real estate investing community, you will get trained on the latest wealth creation, real estate investing, business, tax and legal strategies through our ongoing live & online real estate investor training. From the experienced investor to the complete newbie, we’re sure you’ll be happy learning and earning with us. You can work from home or an office, your choice. 

We are a community of principle-centered individuals making a positive, lasting impact on the world. The wealth we create through business ownership and real estate investing is simply a tool that allows us to enlarge the good we do. 

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.  

Visit our community and advance to your success.

 Fill out our team application and schedule a free consultation.

The Key to Success is ... KNOWLEDGE

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For questions on how to get started with your real estate investor training & home based business, contact us or register for a free orientation. If you are a mortgage lender, real estate agent, real estate broker, or any other professional and you would like to become part of our national community, even help us build it, please contact us ASAP!  Rick Steiner is an authorized, Independent Marketing Affiliate of Renatus, LLC., offering (or distributing) the Renatus Foundations Program & Accelerated Investment Training.


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