San Jose



Doors open up at 6:45 PM.  Complete the registration form below . 

All guests must be registered separately.  No walk ins.


Tuesday 7:00PM - 9:00PM

We will be sharing wholesaling & fix and flip tips. In addition going through details using Renatus IOS.


The training room is located behind 4557 Great America. You can get there through the parking garage or from the front of the buildings by walking thru the 2 large buildings. ----Event cost is $25 a week or $50 Monthly Subscription, to invite as many guests as you want.



Thursday 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Attend this FREE Real Estate Workshop & Become Part of a thriving Real Estate Community that's making a difference in peoples lives. 


Center Campus Training Center – Santa Clara, CA  95054


Velocity Banking

Learn how to pay off a 30 year mortgage in 8 to 10 years using Velocity Banking.


Real Estate Solutions

​Learn how to save 50% - 70% on your taxes

Learn what you need to know before buying a home

Learn how to purchase property at a discount with no money and no credit

Learn how to use a self-directed IRA to purchase Real Estate, Tax-Free

Learn immediate ways to make money in Real Estate

E.P.I.C. Solution 

Education, Properties, Income, Community



Not your first time visiting?  Come back to our follow up and get your questions answered and get enrolled! Tonight, we have an EPIC Real Estate Orientation for guests. We will go over Velocity Banking and close with introduction to Renatus and our community.


AIT breakout groups and networking from  9pm-9:30pm for those that want to stick around.

PARKING: Free parking in parking garage. After 7pm, the only parking is in front of the building. Parking Garage gate will be open from 6:35pm to 6:55pm ONLY. If you come late, you will need to park in the front of the building. Parking does run out.

FACILITY LOCATION: The facility is in the middle of the campus. You get there thru walking thru the buildings or thru the parking garage.

 Fill out our team application and schedule a free consultation.

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