Business Credit Class Intensive

Hosted by Renatus (Sacramento)

Sat, January 27, 2018

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

Join us for a full day Business Credit Intensive with the featured instructor, Megan Christensen, Business Credit Expert, National Speaker, CreditSuite COO.

LOCATION: Oak Point Business Center

4366 Auburn Boulevard   Sacramento, CA 95841  View Map

Megan Christensen is an industry leader in Business Credit Building and Small business Consulting.  She currently works as COO and shareholder for CreditSuite, a business consulting company and manages a team of over 30 brilliant and talented team members. Over 30,000 business owners have benefited from her help navigating the banking and lending system to utilize the products and financing they need.  continue...


Business Credit Builder 101

A full day all about Business where Megan outlines how to look at your business the way lenders do. She will talk about how to establish business credibility, introduce the business credit bureaus and outline the actual steps to manage your business credit reports. Learn how to build your business credit reports and leverage the financing your business can get based on just the business credit and EIN# alone. Lastly, she will help business owners create a Finance Blueprint to plan for current financing needs and/or future financing needs. 

Who should attend?

This intensive is designed specifically for those thinking about starting a business or those that have an established business.

The class will be engaging to all levels of business owners and potential business owners.

What will I learn?

  • Business Credibility (Including the 10 step business credibility checklist). Learn to avoid the most common mistakes business owners make within their business foundation that leads to sure declines.

  • Establish / Verify Business Credit Reports Business credit bureaus, and personal credit bureaus don't operate in the same way. Learn how to establish your business credit reports or if you have an established company we will verify that the information on your current reports is correct.

  • Builder Business Credit Reports Business Credit and Personal Credit are completely different! Learn how to establish your business credit reports and protect your business credit.

  • Create a Finance BluePrint Learn how to get Business Credit based on the business credit reports and your EIN# without using your SSN. We also build a Finance BluePrint that plans what your current and future financing needs are now, and what steps you will take to qualify for the financing in the future.

  • Much More!

BONUS: All attendees have the option to sign up for business credit monitoring at cost. 


How is the intensive class structured?

 This intensive is an all day class with hands-on exercises, Q & A, slides, and teaching. There will be 2 breaks and 1 lunch hour.

What should I bring?

Yourself! You can bring a pen and paper or a laptop if you want to take notes. If you have questions you may want to prepare them before hand for our Q & A sessions.

Please do not video or record the class.

Megan Christensen started her career in banking working for one of the largest institutions in the U.S as a commercial lender


Megan found that small business owners greatly benefited from a caring hand, helping them navigate through the seemingly daunting banking system to identify and utilize the products and financing they needed.


Her ability to effectively listen, consult and take action allowed her to become the #1 Small Business Lender in the nation within the banking institution during those years. It also gave her the opportunity to train and teach other small business lenders to do the same.


After 7 years of banking, she decided it was time to help business owners in a different way. Her focus became helping small business owners prepare and plan for financing by looking at their business from the perspective of a lender.  This includes sharing her knowledge of the financing and underwriting processes along with the importance of business credit reports.  

In her banking experience, she learned that almost all business owners were unaware their business had business credit reports and lenders were checking them.  Additionally, she found that business owners made the same common mistakes when applying for financing.


She worked to write and build one of the nation's first business credit builder curriculums. In over 10 years of consulting she has assisted over 25,000 business owners establish their business credit reports and has trained many of the current industry experts.


She works as the current COO and shareholder of Credit Suite, helping them grow year after year at an ever fast pace. CreditSuite is the industry leader in Business Credit Building and Education.   Her growing team currently includes over 30 brilliant and talented individuals.  

When not working you will find Megan spending time with her family and always finding new adventures outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.  

Megan believes firmly in caring for each business owner and truly helping a small business owner succeed.  In helping businesses succeed her hope is that their success will build the communities around them.

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